Ninja's Nameless Self-MOC (Updated)

Before you say anything, I know, the lighting is terrible. I’ll get a better lit version up later. But as for now, I will post my self moc:

I need a better arm build.

But yes, I’m completely frozen from any sort of name. I originally going to make it something dumb like “Niare” (Ni-are) which was a pun on my name but I didn’t like it. any suggestions?

Edit: if you want a better looking moc, scroll down a little.

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Edited title for grammar - Not Chronicler

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Eh, not very good IMO. Feels lackluster with the av matoran body and simplistic CCBS.


That actually doesn’t sound half bad, though it would work more for a female MOC.

I’d say it’s a good start, but you very clearly need to start experimenting with custom limbs and torsos if you want to be serious about MOCing. My main complaint is that the armor on the legs is very sparse, and ought to be replaced with a longer length of shell. Also can’t figure out what the thing on his arm is meant to be - that’s a cue for you to make whatever it is more obvious in the built, not explain it to me in text.


I agree.

This is way too simple, even for CCBS.


well, I’m not too sure [I’m good at those]

I will admit, I’m not a huge mocer. In fact, this moc was really thrown together in ten minutes as a response to one of my friend’s slef moc. But after reading your feed back I decided to fix it up, such as getting rid of that crappy arm and taking this bit of advice:

I made him into this:

Do you guys think he looks better now?


It looks better, not great, but still better. I don’t like how one arm is longer than the other.

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Why I said “experiment” - you’re allowed a lot of margin for error.

What this guy said.


He’s significantly better with the second try, but remains very basic and doesn’t deviate a whole lot from the easy path. Experiment a bit. Look around for inspiration or a MOC you can partially imitate and modify to create your own thing. Keep trying.

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Pro tip, never mix light and dark red.



I have to do this and make it look good now.

Anyways, the moc is very simple, but looks decent. With a custom torso I’m sure it would look great.

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Unless you have a very, very good idea of how you want that to play out

Like Zerkah doesn’t