Ninjas' new look, lack of airjitzu and elemental dragons (Explanation/Theory)

Hello Everyone. I’ve recently came up with an explanation of the changes in ninjago season 8 like the new looks for the ninja or the disappearance of old powers.

So basically in episode 74 Lloyd said that the reversal blade is too powerfull an they have to get rid of it. I conclude that the ninja destroyed the blade using their powers but the blade partly striped them of their elemental powers because it was made out of chrono steel and as we know chrono steel " is the only known metal that can absorb a single Elemental power of a living being" being overloaded with to many powers it broke and the shockwave made the ninja look younger (because it is the REVERSAL blade). I also provided very badly animated presentation gif. What do you think about all that ?


first off Nice gif
and I thought they established that messing with time just changed everything without them even being aware

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I know, but that is an extremely vague explanation don’t You think?

My headcanon is just that when Crux and Acronix went back in time they rewrote the past to get rid of all of Ninjago’s inconsistencies

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That was actually confirmed to be nothing more than a meta joke


Regarding the dragon thing - there’s an explanation offered in the non-canon “Way of the Departed” novel – Summoning their elemental dragons becomes excruciatingly difficult for the ninja without Wu’s presence, most likely due to his inheritance of the dragon power of the FSM.


I like the Way of the Departed explanation for the lack of elemental dragons, but where the hell did airjitzu go. Cyclondo had no reason to go anywhere

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I believe that Way of the Departed attempts to explain this as well. It hasn’t been outlined in detail, but according to Sensei Yang, the ninja shouldn’t use Airjitsu anymore because it’s a corrupted form of Edo magic.