Ninja's Old drawings (Warning: These May Suck)

Yeah, I decided to post random drawing of mine, but instead of posting my newer, nicer drawings, I'll post some of my older ones that look like the Toa Inkina had babies with the Barraki.. Here they are:

(13 year old me had an obsession with Max Steel)

Ahh Miles, how I love you-although this drawing makes that hard.

(why did I draw this? I hate Winx Club!)

If you want to see how different my drawings have become, check out my Devaint art:

(Warning: My Deviant Art may contain some content hat might not be appropriate for younger viewers)

Tell me, are these cringe enough for youses out there in internetilandia?

At least you can draw proportions correctly. :laughing:

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They are the beginnings of someone who can actually draw.

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that spider man is awesome.

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Dang it. You warned us so I can't sue. I'll get you next time.

They're not bad.

That's good.

These aren't half bad.

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