Nintendo Switch Art Project

I’ve had a project going on for a month (and continuing until the Nintendo Switch is out) where I draw and post a Nintendo Switch drawing every day. Since it’s the 1-month anniversary, I wanted to post the thirty drawings I’ve made up to now.

So as to skirt around the “No Promotions” rule, I won’t link the project or even say the name of it, but I will say that it’s both on Tumblr and Twitter.

(Day 13 has a word in it that can debatably be labeled as a bad word so I won’t put it here.)

I’ll be continuing this project until the Nintendo Switch comes out, but I won’t post any more of the drawings on this website.


I wanna know what I just read.


Yes. I see Granddad lives to see another day.


This made me laugh way tof hard.

Excuse me while I look for my lung.

The power of Switch compels me.

“Kiss la kiss”

Pretty cool.

Time to google what a Nintendo Switch is.


Seems like you made a demonic pact with nintendo. These are awesome though.

Both of these statements are true, thanks.

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Those are some pretty dank maymays you’ve drawed there fam.

I’m starting to think ya have a teensy obsession with the switch.

But I can’t tell if it’s obsessive hate or obsessive adoration.

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These are amazing.

This one is grand…


A-are you high…

(I mean they’re very well drawn but seriously I have no clue…)

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All of these are very well drawn; some even got a chuckle out of me.

This. This is true art.