Niraa the Witch


All prepared for Halloween i see

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Oh this is fun! I love seeing MOCs like this, really breaks the mold. I love the color scheme and blocking you chose, and the system and CCBS blend perfectly


ah boy
this is actually pretty good!

ah a nice moc. I like the broomstick build

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The figure itself is cute and has personality… but I love the broom… that is a broom… I like that broom.

Aw, that’s cute. Real nice job you’ve done


Say, does the hat attach to the head? Is there some kind of connection?

@Garvox Is there a chance i could get studio io file for this beauty? I would love make it irl for my girlfriend as a birthday gift.

Sadly, this moc is not meant to be buildable irl. She uses a lot of cut, printed, painted and generally abused parts.

It is theoretically possible to build her, It’s just a lot of effort

I figured it out looking at those pictures… but was thinking maybe i would be able to change some to make her real.

Well anyway really awesome work.

I’ll see what can be done


Your parts usage and colour choices are always so nice :slight_smile:

Niraa got herself a maid outfit too

It looks like it was maid for her :stuck_out_tongue: