Nisgi V2

So, things that people may not like that I am NOT changing
The white
the eyes
things that I am changing
The back of the head
The head
the thin part of the body

Knowing these facts
Critique eryone



Better, but I preferred the original mask.

Eh I prefer this one
the other one was..meh
But I will be using the mask for a matoran version and such
once I get around to attempting to actually make matoran

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Well, that's what counts :stuck_out_tongue:

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The head looks so cartoony laughing

This is really cool! I myself think that the white looks really good on this MOC, but it could be distributed around it a bit more. smile

I love the eyes.

I don't see anything wrong with the white, but I have to ask, why?

also I won't complain about the head because you said you're changing it,
but I will chuckle at the googly eyes he has.

I actually really like the design overall though. maybe add a touch of white to the chest to even out the colors a little.

Working on the white thing, but the idea is that it is camo
he is not a toa of light, but has a special thing that allows him to change his colour and such like that

Seeing as the head was simple, I decided to take advantage of that and add them eyes
I might keep it for a little while
Or try to add the eyes for the next head