No good films

Ever found a really bad film that you wanted to discuss with the other cool users here? But the other cool users hate it when topics about these films get made too frequently? Here is the topic for you! Discuss any and every bad/trashy/weird/obscure/Zork Co™ films!



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Tenet by Christopher Nolan. One of the worst movies I ever watched. Fight me.


But why? You’re right.


Small brain.

However, it had potential, the seed idea was good and some sequences such as the car chase or the Red Team-Blue Team where solid.

But I suppose a film that had potential is worse than one you knew had none and thus no disappointment.

Ready Player One’s Movie Adaptation was an insult to the original book. There. Fight me?

But if we are talking about abysmal movies, just go subscribe to those guys who make Wheel Of The Worst, the show where they review obscure media that should have never seen the light of day…

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It was interesting but the book was way better, imo


Yes. So we agree then.

(You worded your comment like I said the movie was better when in fact I was saying the movie is bad.)

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I know I was just stating my opinion

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I vaguely remember watching this as a kid…

I didn’t say I liked it


Yep, you’re right. You see, I have only two and a half brain cells, as I stated many times in the past.

I agree with basically everything that you stated here… except for the Red Team-Blue Team sequence, it was confusing as hell imo. It felt like I could only understand what was going on there only after a second or third rewatch… and I probably will not rewatch it ever.

But a few solid moments don’t change the fact that the movie has a weak plot, all over the place pacing, dumb dialogues, mediocre acting, uninteresting and bland main characters (whose names I didn’t bother to remember) and completely stupid stereotypical main villain (a rich Russian guy who wants to destroy the world and has a weak helpless wife who only exists to complain about her husband being a terrible person, how original). Like, there’s no way this circus can be taken seriously.

Phew, I can finally rant about this movie being terrible (in my personal opinion) without everyone around looking at me weirdly.

Yes, I absolutely agree with this. For me, Tenet was the most anticipated movie of 2020, since I’m a big fan of Nolan’s other works. Imagine my disappointment after actually watching it…

Well, I can’t really agree or disagree, I never read the book and thought the movie was a fairly solid one. But I suppose books are generally better than their movie adaptations. Though LotR is an exception for me.

I feel like we’re starting to get a little off-topic (I think that this conversation fits in the “Unpopular Opinions about Movies” better), so…

I dunno, I prefer this one:

A true classic.


Don’t worry, I’m watching.

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Punch Drunk Love is an Adam Sandler movie that I despise above all others and he isn’t even playing Adam sandler.

Well most of the worst tend to be animated ones and knock off ones at that so, why not make a terrible knockoff movie about an already terrible movie.


Finally a topic I can make considerable contributions to.

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3 dev adam is the greatest thing i’ve ever seen. Say, how’d you like to join Zork Co.?

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I brought more movies and the best fight scene ever.

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Avatar the last Airbender.

Someone had to say it.


Anything that is now exclusively sold in remembrance of its end. Like FRIENDS and Seinfeld.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

just kidding.