Noble Kadin design (Free to use in contest)

So recently I downloaded a new brush on Ibis Paint and wanted to test it on my Tuyet sketches. That give me the idea to make this kanohi for Turaga Jovan. Most of the inspiration for this mask comes from Jetfire’s portrayal in Transformers RotF. I believed this was oddly fitting because he transformed into a black jet.

I made a 3/4 view of the mask. Although not too accurate to the painting, it should give you the general shape and depth. Mainly because I was too lazy to draw the side and top view. How on earth did you guys do it twice for the art contests without going insane?

Feel free to use this design in the hagah art contest and share your thoughts.


I like the shaping of the forehead.

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I finally made the entire reference sheet. I’m surprised I finished it before polls started.


(Continuing this conversation here because of relevancy sake).

I love how you kept consistent with the other canon Turaga masks in how there’s elements of the Great version within the Noble version, without simply rehashing the Great version. That’s a trap I think a lot of the fan designed Noble masks fall into.

The spikes on the sides are the most easily recognizable feature with the Great mask, but I can definitely see aspects of it elsewhere as well. The lower half of the mask feels like a natural evolution of how the Great’s chin looks, and the central crest fits perfectly with the aesthetic. The overall shaping feels unique enough just on its own, but when you know it’s a “continuation” (for lack of a better word) of the Great Kadin, it works equally well.

It’s a great job you’ve done, and I’m hoping it crops up in this next round of contests!


Thanks alot for the analysis. I was really lucky when I looked back at Transformers 2 when I realized Jetfire would make for a very convincing Turaga Jovan. I actually put up a collab on my Twitter and Instagram to design the rest of the inika masks as nobles with the premise as my kadin: inspired by a movie character. So far there’s no volunteers but it’s nice that it got the attention it got.


Oh, I missed the Jetfire part first time around! :sweat_smile: That observation definitely worked out in your favor though!

I like the premise you have for the rest of them. Although, the only other movie character I can think of at the moment would be Optimus Prime! :sweat_smile:

They don’t have to be transformers characters. They can be any pop culture reference. One idea for a noble suletu was one based off the fish guy from Hellboy and a noble sanok with an inspiration from the bear trap in Saw. It’s kind of brutal for a reference but it’d be cool to see what a volunteer comes up with. The whole collab was inspired by Galva and Minifig’s hagah mask collection where they based four new masks off titan sets like how the official hagah were inspired by Nidhiki and Nivawk and Dume.

Major update on the kadin. I wanted to evoke more of the shaping from the original mask by making the beard thinner.

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If we ever get a Jovan contests or just a mask contest, I’m 100% voting for this. You managed to capture that wise old man yet could probably still kick your butt if he has too. I also love the fact you took inspiration from ROTF Jetfire. I’m not the biggest fan of the live action TF films but this was too good of a choice not to use. Great job!


ok now I can’t unsee that
the mask looks pretty good


I think I may try to model this, is that okay with you?


Sure, that would be amazing!