Nocturn: the Touch of Death

Built for a collab with several other moccists


Why does he have squid ammo in his mouth?

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I can’t believe how you stuffed up all those Takadox armor pieces! Amazing job!


mm yumy squid


This is really awesome.
I love the shaping and the multiple limbs.

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That boi is just lathered in greebly goodness

The shaping is excellent, the colour choices and placement is excellent, my eyes are skirting around trying to find that Invasion From Below chestplate with the green striped print because surely it must be in here somewhere

The only actual issue I have with this is that the T bars on the legs is insanely obvious and it’s bugging me, if it were in black this MOC would be near perfect

Exceptional work and you better keep it up


More photos?

I can dig this Nocturn. The lack of weaponry really makes it stand out.

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I like your leg design and what you’ve done with the Takadox armor pieces for the shaping! The splash of green is excellent too. Great job!