Noled The Protecter Of The Weak

Noled Protector Of The Weak is a self m.o.c
Story- Noled is a young hero who is gifted and born as the earth his powers are jungle wing water and earth these elements created him to be the hero he is. Noled is a kind hearted and self ratfish person to his fellow people Noled is gifted and very well train by nature sea and land he learn all these from the deep part of the mountain to reckless jungles of the forest and the more he grew the more stronger he got

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I like the color scheme and the build.
Good moc

Um…I would suggest better pictures. Can’t really see anything.

@clinkclankclunk627 thanks sorry if my camera was being a jerk I was trying to get every detail but thatnk you love the support and always a pleasure to be part of this wonderful community I love bionicle so I always will do more

@JediTimeLord824 sorry my camera was on my computer but thanks for the advice its pretty late so sorry for the bad image i’ll do it in the morning if I can

@SonicBionicleMaster thanks man always love the support I did this last night if you want me to show the skeleton I could always do that promise and I will be editing this model sense its a self m.o.c gotta love the good in your m.o.c.s

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I would like to see the Mocs skeleton, it seems interesting

The torso and leg build please, and maby a picture of the back

ok once i get better light of the torso and the legs i’ll edit the pictures i only got my computer so i’ll try to reedit the lighting and picture

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The blurriness of the pictures make it hard to see parts of the build…
But from what I can see, the visible parts of the build are quite nice, but the color scheme is a bit off

Also welcome to the Boards

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ik i already show you this but i’m going to delete the other post and show these new picture here thank you

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new parts some old but i’m almost finish with version 3 just tell what you’ll like to see

I suggest uploading pictures to another site like Flickr or Imgur first, and linking the pictures here so they don’t end up sideway.