Nomad of Nowhere

Nomad of Nowhere. A new animated series by Rooster Teeth. Currently only the first episode is out, but personally I love it. Given Rooster Teeth’s standard of quality, I have no doubt this will be an amazing series.


Well, I guess I have another RT series to look out for.


I saw the first episode this morning.

Eh, it’s fine.

It’s interesting to see Rooster Teeth go in a new direction with this, being a light-hearted comedic childish romp without insane action scenes or mature humor. That being said, I’m interested to see what this turns into.


Camp Camp.


RWBY, well early RWBY anyway.

And they all turned depressing in the end. That plus having a red head with green eyes as a main character, it’s only a matter of time.


I don’t like the main character’s voice, doesn’t fit the way she looks IMO. Also not a big fan of the style of comedy or dialogue. The art style is pretty interesting though.

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You forgot the rest of my statement.

NoN stands out from other RT shows by being geared seemingly lower than their usual fare. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets darker, I certainly hope it does, at the moment though it seems pretty harmless.

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Fair enough. Though given their track record with green eyed red heads, I’m still on edge.

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They’re gonna at least make a reference…

They’ve gotta…

I feel like you’re trying to lead me to somethig, that I don’t get. I can however provide a list.

Carolina (RVB): Emotionally scarred
Pyrrha (RWBY): Dead
Penny (RWBY): Dead
Roman Torchwhick (RWBY): Dead
David (Camp Camp): Seriously emotionally troubled

They all have one unifying trait. Red hair, and Green eyes. I really hope Skout breaks the treand.


I was just saying that NoN needs to at least pay homage to the RT red-heads of yore.

Perhaps. Though I just wish there’s a way to do so, that isn’t at Skout’s expence.

I just don’t know that there’s room in the market for yet another animated show with annoying voice acting. Not for me, at least. The art also looks like a rather bland webcomic.


I found it overall very meh.

I found it kinda generic. It doesn’t really appeal to me whatsoever but I’m excited to see how it goes but to be honest… I doesn’t feel charming to me.


I really like the artstyle, it kinda reminds me of the g2 shorts

the backgrounds that is

I’m loving this show, and it’s finally an RT show people won’t give me weird looks for watching.

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Episode 2 is out!


beat me to it

Voices are a bit grating but I can deal with that. I considerably liked this episode more then the last one. The show could stop feeling itself a bit too seriously because that kinda hurts the experience.

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He hits a stick dab at 2:47

I died a little inside when that happened.


Is this a joke?

(Watches) How. When. What. Rooster Teeth. Why… This hurts…Why must you bring me pain.