Non-Pop Music

So I've seen an overwhelming excess of pop music topics. Two, to be exact. stuck_out_tongue

So I've decided to make a topic for those who want to talk about to music that isn't pumped with synthetic noise. Music made with actual instruments. Music that doesn't get annoying after five seconds. This can include your favorite genre (outside of pop), your favorite band, or your favorite song.

Anyhow... Yeah.

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I've been listening to both Avantasia and Blind Guardian recently.

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FIVE IRON FRENZY FTW! Gotta get that ska/grunge/rock.

Does this count as "real music"?

Does a computer count as an instrument?

Well I personally like Rap and my favorite artist is Tech N9ne, but I also like Kyle Andrews and All Insane Kids

Here's a band I really love, Dunno if you think it'll get annoying, but to prove its made with actual instruments, this is a live version. its also the theme song to my MOC Archimedes. smiley Enjoy!

I know I'm almost 2 months too late, but I love Blind Guardian. Nightfall In Middle-earth is one of the coolest albums ever in my book.