Nooryan & Oc/ The CHC promo art

So, CHC Promo art, eh? Here goes:

I hate how useless Imgur is.

BTW, this is where I'll post the CHC promo art here.

And @Risebell, if you've noticed that I haven't made a full topic for all of these, that's because I don't feel worthy. Once I make 3 different types of art, I'll make an art topic for all.


Looks cool.


Just a 40-minute sketch, that's all.

If you want, I can draw you.

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That logo makes me smile every time I see it smiley

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BTW, I'd like some hateful constructive critique from ye good folks. How do ya guys think?

I personally hate it. Nyran's hood is too white, the shading is bad, Oc skipped too many arm days, and both have a really strange pose.
Oh, and they both look terrible
Basically, don't quick-sketch, young-fellows. It'll look terribad.

That's probably accurate to real life.


Well, this went unnoticed.