Nostalgia: Max Steel (1999-2013)

So let me just get something straight. When I was first born I collected many toylines (I was born in 2001 and currently I'm 15) and most people remember many toylines like the old AirHogs Bugblaster thing (I loved it) the OG Max Steel (Again, loved it watched the show and collected the toys) and HotWheels.

I recently saw the Max Steel movie from 2016 and finished the reboot show on Netflix and I'm honestly satisfied with how they decided to reboot him.

Back in 1999-2003, Max Steel had been released and had a running show on WMB Kids (I think I just butchered that name, sorry)

And the toys were mainly action figures, but good action figures. The story was stunning for the time and the reboot brought back many characters from the OG series.

I loved it so much and the Elementors looked so much better in the old series.
Gimme your guys opinions and comments!

I had a lot of the older figures as well.

In fact, I still have them in a box somewhere. The coolest one I have is probably water elementor.

As for the reboot, I personally love the designs, but the story was kind of meh, and the figures sadly weren't that good.

I never collected the new figures but I loved both shows. Heck the movie was decent too now that I think about it XD.

That was a thing?

I followed the 2013 show for a little while, but I fell out of it. I might watch it in full, eventually.

I sort of watched the 2013 show whenever it was on, it was pretty interesting I guess.

Agreed, it wasn't the best show but for an animated Mattel show it was decent. Plus the old show had many characters return in the reboot, such as Toxon and the Elementors.