Not a Fair Fight (photography)

“Spartan posted two topics in one day! What is this madness?” -average TTV member who follows my nonexistent upload schedule.

Anyway, here is both a sneak peek at a review I’m going to post later this year (it’s scheduled to come out 5 weeks from now) and a photographic story all in itself. Earlier today, I took some photos of a bunch of Mega Bloks (yes they’re that old) sets outside to use for my reviews. While I was looking for a place to place this drop pod, I saw my cat (check the Cat Topic for more info; his name is Perry and I love him). Naturally, this photo was the first thing that popped into my mind. Notice the utter “I can’t be bothered expression” on his face:

####Edit: I may or may not use Perry as my oh-so-very-talented model in more topics.

####Leave a comment with who you guys think is the winner.


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