Not Another Toa Nuva Revamp

Built a Tahu Master one day out of boredom and liked the design so much I decided to create the entire team. Everyone’s collection should have at least one set of Toa Mata/Nuva I feel like, right?

Tahu’s got some painted parts, teehee. Otherwise he combines a Uniter torso with Master gearbox, nothing crazy. His design is the first trap/shoulder combo I’ve been really happy with out of all my MOV’s.

Curved Kopaka’s sword, you also can’t tell from this pic but he’s got a unique gearbox

This is the first time I’ve actually owned Lewa’s original axe, I didn’t realize how big it actually was. Lewa is similar to Tahu in that he is half Uniter half Master.

Gali also uses a unique gearbox that almost replicates the Master one perfectly, pretty proud of that. I may change her hook to be on the end of a chain instead of a halberd.

I’ve since updated Pohatu to include tan pieces in his color scheme and also his boots since otherwise he doesn’t have any kind of Toa tools. His hands also are supposed to evoke the original Mata hand.

Onua combines the Uniter torso with Inika upper body. I’m not the biggest user of Inika/Piraka torsos anymore, but I like the combo here for our favorite big boy. Fun fact, Onua Nuva was the very first Bionicle set I ever owned.



The iconic banner


Wow! These look great! I love how you combined G1 elements with G2’s style.


They all look great, though the singular trans-blue stud on Tahu looks a bit out of place.

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there are actually 2, one on each side. One day I’ll get orange or pink studs to replace them, I’ve left the blue ones to remind me to do that someday. otherwise I agree with you lol


Cool! these look like a good combination of G1 and G2!

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