[Not really a pitch] Original Annona the Elemental Lord Ideas

So, listening to the latest Brainstorm, I found it interesting the reactions to my two topics. No one even mentioned the Matoran Slang pitch was mine, but it was, so just wanted to say about 30% were serious, the ones I really wanted canonized being the Visorak curse words. However, there were some good jokes, and Metru was liked, and I’m still not sure whether or not it’s canonized or not. I also found it funny that @IllustriousVar thought I hated Le-Matoran, which are actually my favorite, Tree-Speak is, like you guys said, kind of cool but really hard to work with, and I chuckled to myself when I wrote it.

However, the main point of this topic is over the reaction to the Annona topic. I suppose it is the writer in me than desires a fully-flushed out backstory, which explains why it went of the rails. But I heard @Mesonak talking about how he wanted Annona to be a horror-type villainess, which cracked me up because that too is what I intended for her. I intended for her not to be so much of a daughter to Karzahni as a servant, yet the whole figurative daughter thing was taken a bit too far I guess. I’m very happy that you guys liked the Mantis idea, but that was not what I intended at the beginning. So I’m just showing you guys what my pitch would have looked like had I not run it by my “council”, so it’ll have obvious issues.

Now I’m not too well-versed in horror (if any at all). I’m hesitant to admit it, but I am like @prpldragon in the sense that if I get scared, which I shamefully do quite easily, that fear is not going away. It may not be real, but it is real to my head, and I hate it. I have heard that this version of Annona is a lot like Freddy Kreuger (that’s how you spell it, right?), so here you go:


As Karzahni created the Vo-Matoran and the lightning element, he noticed the Elemental Lords that his brother created to protect the Matoran and their respective elements. Desiring this for his people, Karzahni took great notice of this. Unlike Ekimu, Karzahni created his elemental lord to not be so elemental. Karzahni truly created more of a daughter with the position of an Elemental Lord than an actual one. And so he treated her as if she was his own child. Desiring her to make him an empire, he gave her abilities over the mind. She could persuade, influence, even possess Matoran. He felt with these powers, she could take over Ekimu’s creation and give it to her father, and they could rule over it all. He also knew that she would be hated and many would try to kill her. And so he decided to create her so that even if her entire existence was obliterated she could recover as long as one Matoran still believed in her. As she was finished, Karzahni named her “Annona”, or “Dream”. Believing she was Karzahni’s “Dream” and that he would never betray his daughter, Annona grew very attached to him, and did exactly as he created her to do. However, Karzahni planned for the Vo-Matoran to cause a fight between her brothers so strong that she could conquer Artahka, so he commanded her to wait until the Vo-Matoran are discovered. When they were, Annona was slow to prepare her armies, and the Elemental Lords used the Toa, an unexpected event, to seal away the Brothers. Before Karzahni was imprisoned, he disowned Annona and claimed she’d never be a ruler. Realizing her father did not care about her, Annona felt betrayed and used, realizing her father’s “dream” was the empire she was supposed to create for him. Turning to the Elemental Lords for acceptance, they turned her down, believing she was the cause of the great war. In her anger, Annona turned to the one people she could be accepted by: the Vo-Matoran. If she could not be a daughter, and could not be an Elemental lord, then she would be a queen. She began a tyrannous rule over her people, harshly punishing those who would not serve her, and greatly rewarding those who did. One such Matoran was by the name of Takanuva. Annona blessed Takanuva, giving him riches and power and the most beautiful Vo-Matoran to be his wife. However, Annona still had the lust for power and hunger for conquer her father had taught her, and ruling just one region would not be enough. Seeking to expand, Annona mobilized her subjects and sought to take over Kanae. Quick to respond, Uxar called upon his brothers and sisters. They called upon a new team of Toa to wipe out Annona and her army. The Toa easily defeated the unorganized army, and destroyed Annona, seemingly for good. Her death brought pain upon the Vo-Matoran, and they all moved on. However, for Takanuva, Annona could not possibly be dead. Every night, as he slept, he dreamt that Annona was returning, and she needed him to get her followers. Takanuva spread the word of his strange dreams, though the Vo-Matoran did not believe him. However, Takanuva convinced his family to believe, and so they did. They too had dreams of Annona, commanding them to spread the word. Still no one would believe the foolish family. As the years and decades passed, the generations of Takanuva’s family grew many, and they all believed in Annona’s return, especially one Matoran named Voriki. And now, Annona plots to take revenge on her stubborn people, and to spread her power to all of Artahka.


I was a bit upset Bionicle did not get the Elemental Lords as sets, so I do like this idea.

what on earth

The last Brainstorm episode? They talked about my Annona pitch, so this is the version without editing