Not Really Good Art Topic

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This is for people who aren't the best at drawing, but want to get better. For everyone who wants to show their art, but don't want to make a topic for it.

1. No purposefully bad art. (Toohoo I'm looking at you.)
2. Don't post really good art just to brag.
3. Leave comments to help people get better!

To start I'm going to post some stuff I did.

Some random lego sets and one of my MOCs.

Some stuff from the book "The True Meaning of Smekday".


All my art is on my other device, i'll post it when i get home

This Mixel is love

He knows the secrets to life, the universe, and everything else


Well, I'm a decent artist when it comes to some things, but there are a lot of things I never draw. I look forward to seeing what people put up here, and I'll try to offer advice where I can, and I'll probly practice some things I'm bad at and post them here.


Bonus points for anyone who can name all the sets.

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My art is slightly one step up from yours. Stop belittling your abilities. They will continue to improve with practice (doodling in class).

(Akida is adorable!)

@Plural Forty Two

But the drawings are prety good

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If you want some bad art:

JK, some of the art on there is actually good. Let me post some of my really bad drawings:

(This was supposed to be a ben 10 as Spider-man drawing)

(And I think both of these are waiting for a death that never comes)