Notes on Naho [Worldbuilding][Characters]

Here are some of my idea on Nahoan culture and characters:

  • Matriarchal society, governed by queen or chieftainess
    • Nokama is the current chieftainess
    • Hahli is the princess, but often abandons her duties to travel the island searching for artifacts.
  • Very religiously centered, priests/priestesses also server as “arbiters”.
    • Nixie is a temple astrologer
  • Arbiters resolve conflicts and keep the peace
    • Dalu is the head of this group.
    • Helryx leads the secretive black-ops division.
    • Maku is a typical arbiter.

I would actually switch Hahli and Maku’s roles in this. I don’t remember much of Hahli’s personality as a Matoran, but I know that Maku would always wander off somewhere else. It was kind of her thing: you start off MNOG, Maku is in Ta-Wahi. And the only reason that she wasn’t caught with the rest of her tribe is because she was away when the attack happened. She’s constantly leaving to visit Hewkii or just explore, so I think having her be the adventurous princess would be a better fit.


That’s a fair point. I think they both can fit fairly well into either role.
The reason I put Hahli as the adventurer is mainly because of MNOG II, in which she travels the entire region and collects the different charms. I see Maku as the more stoic and confident of the two, so I thought she’d work better as an Arbiter.

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Huh. For whatever I’ve always seen those two roles as being switched. (Though I didn’t take MNOG II into account when I was thinking.) Though I agree on Macku being more confident.

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