Nothing: An Okoto Prequel Story

I am… Nothing.

You cannot destroy me, for I am…Nothing.

My plan had failed. The Matoran won. Mata Nui won.

They won, though they did not destroy me.

The Great Spirit Robot was destroyed in my battle against the
Great Spirit. Destiny would never let me rule the universe.

At least, not this universe.

A strong mind always has a backup plan – a Plan B, just in
case their first comes to fail. My Plan B was in development ever since those
Skakdi brought my very essence to the home island of the Kanohi Ignika. My Plan
B began through the use of a vessel.

That vessel was named Brutaka.

I had always planned for Brutaka to absorb my Antidermis
inside of him. He made an excellent carrying container. Though my rule within
the Great Spirit Robot was thwarted, a part of me always survived within

After the Plan had failed, my entire consciousness was
rerouted to the Antidermis that lied in Brutaka. He was currently in an Order
of Mata Nui outpost, alone. It took a great deal of effort to withdraw from his
body, though I managed to separate. Lucky thing, the Order carried a lot of
special toys. I successfully secured a temporary body and escaped unnoticed from the outpost.

I traveled the reformed world a long while, hunting for what
I was looking for. Any onlookers were quickly dealt with. Eventually, I found
it: what remained of Destral, and, more importantly, what remained of the
Brotherhood of Makuta base.

There was a secret I put on this Island ever since I began
the formulation of the original Plan. No one other than I knew of it. Thankfully,
despite Destral being in ruins, I was still able to perform what I needed to. Using
all 42 of my Kraata Powers, I accessed the Olmakian Loop, an indescribable
object created by the Great Beings, which essentially resets the entire
universe into something new. It was thought more dangerous than even the
Ignika, and so was locked away inside a cage.

Destral was that cage. When the Brotherhood commandeered the
island for our own, I discovered the Loop through basic knowledge and common
sense; we Makuta were given access to 42 different powers. We never found
anyone significant to use all said powers on at the same time, but I just knew
there would be a reason to do so. Thus, I found what would eventually be my
Plan B.

And so I entered the Loop.

When I awoke, I found out I was no taller than the average
Matoran, and that I was working alongside another being. As I was the one who
set off the Olmakian Loop, I still remained a part of this universe, with all
my memories intact. I soon learned that the being working beside me was this
new universe’s equivalent of Mata Nui, which made everything all the more

Thus, Plan B commenced. It was time to start again. The only
one who could stop me shall be put into a deep slumber, as Mata Nui had. Though
this time, I shall rest too. This Plan could not afford to be identical to my
original, or else there’s a chance it shall fail too.

The new world is now covered in my shadow. I shall take
control once more. Only this time, I will win.

For I am…Nothing.

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This is great, man! The grammar's spot-on, and the entire plot's well written!
One issue, though: This doesn't have any real description of Okoto. Try adding a second chapter showing Makuta's view of the world.

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Though, technically Makuta's asleep right now, so he wouldn't really know of the world around him stuck_out_tongue

If you mean when he first woke up, I tried to make it as if he didn't really even care about how it looked, because of his focus to start up the Plan. He was so focused he basically ignored everything around him, if you know what I mean.

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Nice. Brings back memories of MNOG. Great story!


Hm? A competitor? The best of luck to you, my friend. I love the idea, your style, heck you even separate your paragraphs like I do.

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Thanks! Best of luck to you too!

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Now, see, this is the kind of stuff that really works. Short enough to keep the attention span of the general audience, but certainly not lacking in depth and structure. A story that I can look at without automatically thinking "tl;dr" stuck_out_tongue . I have nothing against long stories, but for this kind of contest, this is about the best length, I think.

Anyways, great job! I enjoyed reading it. Let's see what I can do against this... (⌐■_■)

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This is pretty good! I never put much thought into makuta.

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666/10 gr8






Interesting read with amazing grammar!


Hope you win! smile

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