Nova Blasts and the Great Spirit Robot

Right. This might come off as a dumb question, and has been asked to death, but is it true that the Great Spirit Robot acts as a means of limiting the power of a Toa’s Nova Blast?

Got some silly argument on the Bionicle Amino to resolve.

Can you explain what you mean by ‘limiting the power’?

By limiting, I’m meaning that the Usual Nova Blast Is actually being held back from its full potential, say… The nova blast has the potential to be continent or planet-level, but the great spirit robot keeps it at City-level, at least that’s what someone’s claiming.

I don’t see much info, aside from how Gali’s Nova Blast destroyed Karzahni and Jaller’s Nova Blast, if released, would probably be larger than Metru Nui, but not explicitly larger than the dome it’s contained in. I’d say the burden of proof is on him to say otherwise.

Sorry for the vagueness of the question:

Is it true or false that the Great Spirit Robot puts a cap onto how destructive a Nova Blast can be?

I’ve seen no explicit evidence either way. The simplest answer would be that Nova Blasts are naturally about the size of a city. The architecture of the GSR would probably be able to impede the progress of Nova Blasts, but I don’t see why that it would be able to alter physics within itself to impede Nova Blasts separately from any other elemental powers.

So the claim is pretty much False?

If it’s not explicitly stated then the coin could land on either side, I.e Maybe, maybe not.

But highly unlikely. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would make a Toa potentially planet busting if they resort to a Nova blast.

My argument stems on the fact that if it isn’t written in canon, it’s not canon, that there the robot limits the toa’s elemental power, and make them planet busting beings if they do unleash a nova blast.

This might help.

I 100% agree with the last part of your statement and there’s a high possibility that the Toa have a set range on their nova blasts.

Do Toa have a set limit as to how much elemental energy they can have at one time? That would be the deciding factor. And if so, what would that limit be?

I would like to bring up something from Mask of light, Gali after healing tahu is seen recharging her elemental Powers which would imply that there is a set limit but the canonicity is questionable seeing as it might have been creative liberty the writers took.

A’ight. I’ll take it at that, even looked in Biosector and it says Toa have a limited reserve that constantly recharges.