Nova the glatorian

Earlier I posted a helryx moc, this one fits into the same story.

from front from back

Story: After spherus magna was reformed, this glatorian named nova joined up with the now disbanded order of mata nui to form a council. This council would govern all of spherus magna. Nova is a young, female, fire glatorian. she isn't very tall but makes up for it in speed.


What set is that mask from?

Hmm... Interesting. Seems nice and cohesive.

Cool but something about the chest armour looks odd...

Breeze's Brain Attack variation from Hero Factory.

A tri-bladed sword and a shredder shield. Awesome. The color scheme goes very nicely with this figure.

Did you get the dark red armor (arms/legs) from the Lego Hulkbuster suit? Because I can't recall any other set that uses armor in that color except for Pyrox.

worriz from chima, I have them as well.

oh right, the moc, nice.

Got it. Forgot about the Chima constraction figures.

Thanks everyone for the support (:

Build is very generic. Looks like something straight out of an HF set.

Yea, I see what you mean. This moc is more for world population than having a very unique character, although I'll probably revamp this moc in the future. Thanks for the feedback smile


I like the color scheme and distribution, and the helmet looks very nice!

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A little basic, but the colors are both balanced and work well. I actually want to try and replicate it now.

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