Novite Clash Episode 1: There he blows! Part 2 of 4

Check out part one if you haven’t here. I don’t want to get in trouble for advertising my youtube channel, so if anyone can tell me if i’d be allowed to link to the animated versions once they release, let me know. Enjoy!

Dextrous repaired the panel to the point where it looked decent. “Let’s find that beacon!”
“Okay!” said Coulite excitedly.
The other Novites walked into the room.
“Can we come?” Asked Maximum to Dextrous.
“Sure!” replied Coulite, still acting childish.
“Do we have to bring Lastrosis?” Dextrous leaned in and wispered to Coulite.
“Of course,” he responded, "she’s a valuable member of our team and we shall treat her as such.
“I heard that!” piped Lastrosis, “just cause i’m defect-”
“You’re not just defective, your a Red Novite, and I will ‘treat you as such’ you little green f-”
“Settle down Dex!” Coulite knew he had to intervene, “In Team Blue, we respect others for their differences, even if they originate from other teams. Now let’s get on with the beacon finding already.”

All the Novites of Team Blue found the exit of Base 35, the central body of the Blue Team’s territory and began to walk towards Red’s territory. Coulite looked back at Base 35. It was constructed with blue-tinted metal and many pipes that lead to various places. On the top of the base stood a large, floating blue crystal. Even Coulite was unaware of the purpose of it or how it got their. Coulite lead the group while Lastrosis sat on Omega’s shoulders and Dextrous walked alongside Maximum, talking about who knows what. It made Coulite feel nervous seeing Lastrosis and Omega hanging out so much. He didn’t have anything against Omega, they were both good friends, but that seemed to make things worse. Did Omega even-

“Hey Coulite!” Dextrous called him. “We’re almost here!” Coulite looked around and saw all the novites looking at him.
Awkward silence-
“Spacin’ out man?” said Maximum, breaking the previously mentioned awkward silence.
######“oh humans i was looking at lastrosis the entire time she probably thinks im a creep oh humans please end me why does my life have to exist oh humans” (side note oh humans is the equivelant of “oh god”)
Thought Coulite, wishing he could be blown up by Nocorip and never have to live. The red gradient began to envelop his eye (the equivalent of blushing) and he noticed Lastrosis began too also, and she waved awkwardly. Strangely enough, Omega “blushed” too.

“Can we keep going?” Questioned Dextrous.

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