Now Presenting... Mignettes!


Shameless pun aside, I now bring you 3 “Mini-Vignettes,” which are each on a 6x3 Base and spring from having several Vignette ideas that just weren’t big enough for a 10x10 base- hope you enjoy! Tell me what you think of them below.

Okay f’real can someone help me with this post and the one I made a minute ago? All my photos are showing up sideways and upside down!

Edit: Yeah the image flipping has been a re-occurring software issue that the staff have been trying to resolve. So I went ahead and manually flipped and re-uploaded them for you. If you run into this issue again, feel free to inform the staff via flag and we can assist you. Thanks! – Waj

“Never Mess with a Ninja During Ice Pop Break!”

“Sergeant Gary Makes a Friend”

“The Strength of a Bear”


I think adding some studs/tiles on each model would add abit of flare, otherwise they get the “description” right.


@square as I went on to make as second (and soon a third) wave of these, and as I’ve progressed with vignettes in general, I’ve discovered you’re absolutely right. I’ve modified these some since these photos were taken, but didn’t bring them to college, but when I post the second wave I think they’ll look much less plain- thanks for the feedback!

That knight’s kingdom nostalgia tho. These are all really good.

I see what you did there

@Zero more to come on that front! Probably not till 2018 tho, I have limited funds

@Hautaka :wink:

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Is Gary’s daughter about to get a new playmate for when he’s hard at work?


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Nah, everyone needs help unwinding, especially lonely storm troopers :stuck_out_tongue:

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