Nox - My entry to the Battle for the Golden Masks

So I entered this on BZP, where I hope I interpreted the guidelines correctly. It is my first attempt at doing actual custom MOCing, and I think I succeeded. This is my best MOC so far IMO and I'm glad how it turned out.

Here is the description I gave him.
On the island of Okoto, tales are told of a being that stalks the twilight. The village elders name him, Nox, the thief of the night. The legends say that he comes when the mind is most vulnerable, after a great loss, or a great triumph. His presence is heralded by a chill air and a shiver in the spirit, then all light is extinguished. As a vampire feeds on blood, the creature feeds on the strong emotions given off by others, leaving his victims empty, and without purpose. In the past, hunts have been made in search of the devil, but all have been futile. However one hunter was able to come within view of the monster, describing it as a hideous amalgamtion that seemed to be ripping itself in two. He said that the right side of the body resembled the Mask Makers, but the left glowed blue with a terrible energy. He described the monster's words, how it hated itself and wished to depart in peace. With every step, it seemed to fade in and out of reality, only the right side keeping it anchored in the world. The hunter could not bring himself to end the creature, and departed shocked at what he had witnessed. But perhaps these are just fables and there is no Thief of the Night. However I am inclined to think otherwise.

So I will welcome criticism on the MOC as I really need to develop my MOCing abilities with constraction. Not sure if I'll do anything with the character itself in a story or other, but there's always the possibility.


Nice concept! Left arm is a bit empty and the red balljoint really stands out, but parts usage is creative and that's one of the things they're judging on.

I'm not a fan of the left arm. That jaw piece kinda sticks out, and it just doesn't look right. Also, red ball piece. I understand if you don't have/can't find another color, but Id've covered it up at least, along with the odd looking grey tube.
And it may just be the way you photographed it, but the black armor on his back looks like it sticks out.
Pros: I like the color scheme, and I like how you kept the legs similar yet different. I'd've fit more blue on the left lower leg, but that's just me. I especially like the right upper leg.

Edit: I just realize that with that spike on his lower right arm, it kinda vaguely resembles Breez 2.0.

The asymmetry was something I was more able to capture in the left arm than in the left leg. I went through several designs on how to do the arm, but that's what I came up with.

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The legs seem too disproportional to the rest of him.

I like this a lot. The left arm, contrary to @Willess12, is quite well done, and I like the effort that went into making it look hideous and abstract almost. To me, having a little splash of a contrasting color (The red ball joint) even if not necessarily on purpose, gives a MOC more character. Maybe not having it would make it look more uniform, but I sense that's not exactly what you wanted from the left side. =P

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I love it. It's so different and has so much character.

I'm really liking the trans blue.

I was going for disproportional stuck_out_tongue He's supposed to be this possessed being that's fighting against part of his body.