Nucleos the Skull Warrior [Videogame/Bionicle Crossover Contest]

So my entry for the bionicle/video-game crossover challenge.

is a combination between skull warrio and a charracter called Utsuho Reiuji from a series called touhou (I don’t know anything about this franchise I just like the music, so don’t direct questions about it at me). Nevertheless I liked this charracters design because of the arm cannon design because it reminds me of the metroid varia suit arm cannon. And she’s supposed to have the power of nuclear fusion.
And then I came with the idea to combine her with skull warrior (no idea why).

few thing out of the way the vines on her head are supposed to be the ribbon Utsuho wears. The HF egg pieces around her hips are supposed to be her skirt. I removed them in later pictures for those who understandalby don’t like them.

Nucleos has a few different weapons she has her triple blaster (which does what you expect). I tried to give it that “caution” look.
Then she has her nuclear arm cannon.
and a skull broadsword and a fused lightsaber.

Here without the skirt

Here without ribbon


nuclear blaster


Well now time to check my new-

spits dew out after seeing a Touhouxbionicle MOC

W-what world am I living on!?

Also sick moc


This is awesome!

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Words cannot describe what I think of this incredible MOC!

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Same here-


It doesn’t seem to look like that character at all…

But this MOC is amazing! I love it, the whole aesthetic is amazing, and the overall shaping, great job! :smile:

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Very nice. Everything here flow together quite nicely.

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holy crap, that looks incredible


ermahgerd this is so cool ! great job :smiley:

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All the things @Venom says I agree with. Esspecially the last part about creativity.


This is pretty good! Even if the color scheme is understandably different, the overall look calls Utsuho to mind quite well. Really nice work here, and I love your cannon design!