Nui Ganku

These rahi are fully organic, they are the size of a Kanohi Miru, and have been seen in the realm of Karazahni, Voya Nui and the new world Sherus Magna. they feast on the organic parts of other rahi, Matoran and even Toa, they accomplish this by using there acid like poison to weaken the body frame of their victim, Paralyzing them. Then they use their mandibles to cut through the weakened protodermis or other metallic objects and feast on the organs and muscle inside there meal


Looks cool. A really nice drawing.


It kinda looks like he’s got a bandana around its neck :stuck_out_tongue:

Love how organic it feels! If there’s one thing I need improvement in, it’s making things feel organic.

Yummy, carnivorous Banana!

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