Nui-Kuri (Blue Rahi Dog)

A dog like rahi for my own setting. Kuri is a Maori word that means dog. They are usually found in deserts and barren land scapes. They are scavenger’s that can live off very little. They are know to hunt smaller desert rahi and steal from tohunga villages.

This moc is based on the 90’s technic/2001 bionicle style sets. I especially wanted to lean into the half animal half vehicular ascetic 2001 rahi had. It has a function where it you can turn the gear on its back to turn its arm, like a toa mata. It has a mask on it’s nose, so it can play the mask game like other 2001 sets.



oh that poor connector

the custom gearbox is nice, although it being so system-heavy is a little against my tastes. but that’s just me


oh wait, theres two of them!
I like this one a little less as a bionicle moc, but more as an old technic moc, it feels straight out of one of the universal sets Ive got, if it were blue/black instead of yellow


I love the simplicity of the front arms and paws.


It’s all good, system heavy bionicle only showed up for one year so it’s not really indicative of the bionicle style, so I know it’s not for everyone.

Honestly the main reasons I’m making 2001 mocs like this is because of mnog. If that game didn’t exist then I probably wouldn’t be into the 2001 style.

The connector piece came off an ebay slizer that I got. I replaced the piece on the slizer but still wanted to use it since connectors in that color are rare.

Thank you! The old techic look was what I was going for so that’s good to hear.

Thank you! I tried to keep everything on this moc relatively simple. The Idea being what if lego made a less expensive rahi set in the early 2000’s.

@Ghid all good, thanks for the heads up!

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i love it


Good boy!