Nui-Mokoweri (Light-blue Velociraptor Rahi)

A velociraptor rahi for my own setting. Mokoweri is a Maori word that is used to refer to dinosaurs but actually means lizard fear. They live in forests and jungles and they typically hunt large rahi in packs.

It is based on the 90’s technic/2001 bionicle style sets. I especially wanted to lean into the half animal half vehicular ascetic 2001 rahi had. It has a function where it swipe its arms if the lever on its back is pushed forward. It has a mask on it’s chest(?), so it can play the mask game like other 2001 sets.


this did not just come straight from some alternate timeline where roboriders continued and did different stuff, right?

totally love this one, both in looks and in function, keep up the great work!


@wild_toa I like to think this is from an alternative timeline where lego kept making rahi in 2002.

Thank you for the kind words, I am really proud of how this rahi came together. I am also glad you recognized the roborider/slizer face.


ah this looks very good!


Everything about this feels so very 2001-ish
except for the red and white stripes on the back.

also it feels more like a mole than a velociraptor to me.