Nui Stone concept.

What do you think of this concept? The hexagonal shapes are supposed to be symetrical all around the stone.I don´t know how it would look in real life as an actual piece, but I figured it should have an axle connector at the bottom.

I thought it would be really cool if there were some markings on the stone itself, as well as some text, it says:

“Whoever owns the Nui stone will obtain the power to absorb the energy of any toa”

This is just an idea, I would love to read your opinions on how this thing should look.


I like it, the little runes in it are a nice small touch and gives off the since of power just by looking at it

I agree, it looks great!

The hexagonal bits near the base look pretty cool, the whole thing looks awesome.

I do enjoy hexagons ,so this is enjoyable to me.

That looks great, I especially like the rune markings.

Eh, I always thought of it as something more or ornate, maybe even with some carved-in circuitry.

This is a great concept, and would make for a nice change of pace from the usual metru eye stock.

For a concept, this is suspiciously great. Also it would look fantastic as an equipment sprite in VNOG.

Pretty nice


noo make them read it themselves.

I really love this design, well done!