Nui Zerrahx

Hey, I am new here so I wanted to share a new MOC of a rahi, it is called Nui Zerrahx, It is located in the deep oceans of Ga Koro, and in the humid jungles of Le Koro.


It's a bit, odd, but so are a lot of rahi. Noice!

Thanks, the motif i was going for was extremely wierd, i have other angles of this Rahi

I am going to be completely honest: This looks more like a Ko-Wahi Rahi. It's the White parts and Ice Blue parts that make me think this.

Also some more information on this rahi would help.

Looks nice. Cool.

Also, why was this "created" by @John_Sheppard? I thought it was Harris's!

That waist is way too wide. Would've looked better if you gave it a serpent-like lower body instead IMO.