Nuju-Rava (Self-MOC)

Name: nuju-rava
Weapons: Twin cleavers, and shoulder-mounted frost cannon
Bio: a clone of toa nuju that went terribly wrong, designed to be stronger, faster and more intelligent that the original. After meeting his supposed twin, his sense of self being and morality made him realize that he was not meant to exist and was only a product of science. So now he roams metru-nui in hopes of finding his creator (the brotherhood of makuta) and exacting his revenge for being unwillingly created...


It's a very good creation. One thing that should be changed though is the torso, it should be taller IMO.

I wish I was able to make the torso taller, but its physically impossible unless there is a ccbs torso the size of fire lord's in black. But I appreciate the suggestion :smile:

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There is.

Nice MoC btw.

You're in luck! The piece you wish for exists. It can be found on the new Star Wars constraction figures.

Nice MOC, the lower legs could use some armoring.

This looks pretty cool. The build does look a little messy to me, but I still like it.

thank you, I will try and obtain this piece and then re-work the torso, any idea's for more armor on the legs?

I was trying to stay faithful to the years I first really got into bionicle and the new generation, as well as use no regular system parts, and I didn't really have a lot to work with for white armor, pieces, and I had to figure out how to combine a ccbs torso with a piraka torso, also, it's kinda meant to look slightly messy, it is a clone that was incorrectly done after all

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And to anyone else that wishes to know, this is an ongoing work in progress, this is just the completed first phase and I will update the build as needed, I have been working on this for two months now (due to time constraints called life) and I will continue to work

This is a really fantastic looking MOC, I really like how it looks, but that story is really odd. Anyway, I like it! Good job! :smile:

Also, I edited the title for a capitalization error. :wink:

1 Like the character, the clever build, and the proportions are fantastically schnazzy, great job.

The Leg Day Gods were kind to this Young Man.

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but all MU inhabitants are a product of science...

Two words: Buff. Nuju. :stuck_out_tongue: it's very.... Bulky! The aesthetic it the MOC is new and unexpected from Nuju! When did he start going to the Ko-Metru gym, anyway? :smiley:

I got to admit this is looks great.
But the Thok Gun on the shoulder looks unnecessary.