Nullification vs Adaptation Kraata

This may seem silly. but I’m curious in what would happen if someone were to use a Nullification power against a Stage 6 Adaptation Kraata user, be it a Rahkshi, or a Makuta. Would the Adaptation work afterwards and allow the Adaptation User to “Adapt” to the Nullification Power?

Someone on the Bionicle Amino thinks Adaptation would work, regardless.

Ah, it’s you. Say hi to Magzus for me

As for the actual question, it depends on how the nullification worked upon the kraata power and the specifications of how the kraata powers works. I’ll outline a couple of scenarios.

A) If the Kraata Power is part of the biological processes and not really a “power” any more than super strength or super speed is, then no amount of nullification would work. However I don’t believe that is really how it works, the Healing Kraata would be more likely to work like that.

B) If the nullification stops the kraata from adapting but doesn’t stop the kraata from sensing an issue, then yes it would make sense for the kraata to instantly adapt to the known issue as soon as it is allowed to (in this case the moment it leaves nullification range).

C) if the nullification stops the kraata from sensing issues and therefore stopping it from adapting because it has nothing to adapt to, then no it doesn’t make sense for it to adapt to the nullification power.

Of course, if the kraata could sense the nullification power before it is affected then it would adapt to it before it was no longer able to.