Nuparu Armour

Nuparu is one if not my favorite Toa, so I added amour to him while his building from a has not been changed, it is still one of my favorites.


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This is a nice Nuparu Revamp, although the silver could be distributed better.

although nuparu didn’t have much silver in the first place

Honestly the reason why the silver is not redistributed better is due to my lack of older silver pieces. I was using the very few I have on other builds.

I like it!
But I don’t like the red pieces from the arms. You can use them in black!

do you mean the chains?

I believe he’s referring to the red axles within the chain connectors. They stand out like a sore thumb but the parts also come in regular black.

I used up all the pieces in my self moc, so I will prolly not improve on this anymore.