Nuparu Supernax

The idea behind these toa mahri “revamps” is that they have to return to aqua manga with new gear and find tren krom who is still alive. Nuparu’s weapons on his hands are “seismic thumpers.” Basically, if you press on them like a cordak blasters the shock absorbers move it back and forth.

The team name is based off of the Latin word Supernas which means supernatural.


This reminds me of what a prototypes of Bionicle used to look like. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Really love the mask and the overall design. Are you going to render every Toa Mahri? Also our lord and (dead) savior Matoro?

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Yes and not Matoro. Since good ol Matoro was slurped up by the Ignika the Mahri replaced him with Takanuva so I will be build Takanuva and the other Mahri. (Hewkii is next)

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