Nuparu, the Boxor and there link to the lore and civil war (in LDD)

Seeing as I have seen alot of talk about how Nuparu should make this or that creation, I figured that I should throw my own two cents into the ring. but first the model in mind

The Boxor frontangle

Boxor back

my ideal boxor would be a functional punching machine for play fighting with friends in set form, and as such it has the ability to punch with either arm independently by pulling on the lever like smokestacks, and has the Pilot jutting from the front so that you can hit them off as a possible “victory condition”

and now for my hair-brained thoughts on the lore

front veiw in scene

The way I see it The Boxor could of been made as a mechanical defensive tool. something to fend off Rahi or raiders alike from Tiro’s borders. but apon presenting this prototype to the masses they would become fearful or even angry towards this weapon and its maker. Forcing Nuparu to either leave before or just after the temporal freeze.

Nuparu with gaurds

I am leaning towards the later. so that Onua can get a word in on the mater and help keep them safe. Then, during the civil war Nuparu could find there work being highly sought after by some other factions. selling Boxors to get by. this also give Nuparu something to do and then once forced to pick a side as you could have such tools falling into the wrong hands and Nuparu having to done the prototype to tear the weapons from them.

such as the Mangian and Motaran armies

with multiple modifications adorning each

or worse, servants of the brotherhood

I mean come on, who doesn’t like a underdog fight like this?

:edit: Thank you for the warm welcome. and while I have other plans for this boxor idea, I want to try my hand at something else first. so to hold you over, I am adding the LDD file to make it easier to study how these were made and to help inspire more people.
temporary link (until I find a better site)


I really like the idea. It reminds me a lot of the Manas, just without having to be battery opperated.

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the function is absolutely great and wonderful, while it also is short and adorable, I want to build one. Not to mention the fun of punching everyone else’s little robots

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please do. that was part of why I made it so small and simple.

Yeah, I might take build something loosely based off this. I don’t really have any of the gear pieces available, but still. Great job.