Nuvin The Chronicler Of War

Nuvin is a Chronicler who goes into battles to record it head on




It’s way too skinny. Any bulk you could add at all would be good. .

The shoulder connections are awful. Even a bushing on each side would improve it, but it would still look awkward.

The lower arms and legs are extremely awkward. Those pieces are molded so that they already have elbows and knees, so using them below the actual elbow or knee just makes it look like he’s broken his arms and legs.

The hips are weird too. Like, the open sockets are bad, but it’s the fact that the pieces extend so far outwards that really gets me, especially when the thing’s so skinny.

Finally, the weapons. Now, the daggers and shield I have no problem with. But what is the Skakdi foot doing? I’ve looked at it in every way and I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be.

Overall, I still say you’ve got some potential, but this isn’t very good.

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The Skakdi Foot is the back of a Croniclers Tablet Which he records the deaths and Weapons used

That can be be a good idea for the story thanks


  • Color scheme is somewhat consistent with white, sand blue, and light gray
  • the torso is too thin
  • The hips stick out a bit too much and look worse with the Mata feet on the sides
  • The rods holding the shoulders up look tacky and unfinished
  • The arms look really weird, not that poseable, and pretty bottom heavy
  • The neck is too long
  • The color distrebution is way off, as sand blue and gray are not around enough to count as a highlight or a highlight
  • the legs are too thin and (due to the use of Mata legs) the legs bend in a weird way
  • The Weaponry looks fused to the hands.

I would give this MOC a 3/10.
The proportions are horrendous, that is really what killed this MOC. It has four knees, four elbows, a limited amount of poseability, hips booming from the side, and so on and so forth. The MOC needs a lot of work, but it is fixable. I am Sorry if I came off too hard.

Needs Alot of Work :wink:


This looks like Pohatu Mata with the really wide hips :stuck_out_tongue:

And surprisingly this is a really creative MOC.

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