Nuvin the miner

Nuvin was a simple miner, until he found a Mask in an abandoned cave. He isn’t the brightest, so he decided to put it on. Once he put on the mask, he was given armor and a drill for a hand. Also the grey parts for his left arm is his actual arm coming out of the armor. This moc also stores a flashlight inside his right arm for when he’s mining.


I know there aren’t any pictures but I’m tired and I can finish it later.

No no, you can finish it now or not have a topic. Without any photos, the topic will be closed.

Additionally, do not double post. It is against our rules.


Pics hath been uploaded

Moved to correct category- ThisHandOfMineGlowsWithAnAwesomePOWER!!!

This moc actually looks pretty good. I really like the drill. Nice use of head too.

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Nice concept though the asymmetry and proportions are a bit bothersome (his pecs are up to his neck :stuck_out_tongue:)