Nya Motorcycle

This is the third ninja vehicle I have made. Previously I built mechs for Jay and Zane, and I will be making vehicles for Cole, Kai and Lloyd and the future. Nya was my personal least favorite of the movie ninja, but I am a fan of her new color scheme.

What do you think?


Why does it look like she’s going through an emo phase?

Still looks pretty nice.


This is really neat. The color scheme is very appropriate, and the trans blue highlights do well to contrast with the black and gunmental gray. I especially like the use of those strange minifigure armor parts that connect the front wheel to the bike, which give good texture/greebling to the MOC.


I really like how you used the star wars guns to connect that from wheel to the main frame, however I’m not sure how well that does stability wise, since it looks like the wheel is only connected to one of the guns.


@Genericon he whole thing actually isn’t that fragile. The only weak connection is the attachment of the back wheel.

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Oh my. What a twist. This is probably due to the fact it is all made up of system

It’s just the way I decided to attach it. I could make it more sturdy, but it looks best to me this way. It stays together fairly well, but is you shake it or something the wheel pops off.

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Edgy. Very nice shaping

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This is so good, it needs to be a set. Nice parts usage as well.

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