Nydoretha, Netherealm Empress

“Should you fall into one of her numerous traps, a fate far worse than death awaits you, young grasshopper…”


“A savage, devious, relentless Queen of the World Below. Known for her cunning and unrivaled strategic prowess, she plans her attacks on the world of the living when they are least expected. If you somehow manage to miraculously escape her lethal grip, your days as a regular denizen of the world are numbered, as a powerful toxin slowly spreads through your body and enslaves it to her will; she sees through your eyes, and hears what you hear. And kills what you hold dearest, by your own hands.”

A contest entry for the BZPower Flickr July Contest. The whole MOC started from the abdomen area, which I should say I managed to do a good job on :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to limit the use of clashing colors on this MOC, but had to somehow balance the amounts of gunmetal and silver. Gunmetal comes into play in just the hands and the oddly-shaped rear. And Gold is restricted to the crown and the pelvis area (not sure it would still qualify as a pelvis though LOL!)

The rest of the pics I took can be found here.

Enjoy, and do let me know what you think!


This is perfection. So monstrous, rugged, jagged, and hellish…yet coherent and smooth! Looks like a video game boss! I try to look closer for flaws that I could nitpick…but the closer I look, the more I find myself praising the attention to detail; that is what makes this MOC so great! Amazing job!

This is definitely Moc Spotlight material!


Very impressive, so much so it was difficult to tell it was Bionicle for a few seconds. Took me a few glances to realise how you had managed to do the head and upper body. Though only thing that worries me is the Onua crotch face… it just stares at you sadly ;_;

Another thing i would probably say is the colours, silver and gold next to each other is a difficult thing to pull off. Luckily you managed to do that here, though its still jarring to me. The CCBS crotch plate also looks a lot smoother and comes off as slightly more noticeable because of its smoothness and colour, though that’s also a nit-pick.

Overall this is a very good looking MOC with a very strong insect vibe.


As a side note, can this MOC stand without support, noticed a string in a few of the pics?


It’s a mantis.

nice design i really like the head

This looks amazing!


This is nice :smiley:

Thanks a lot man, really appreciate it! Indeed, a video game character feel was one of my intentions! This was partly inspired by some villains from the Darksiders series (such as the Brood Mother) as well as some bosses from Torchlight II, Even the appearance and color choices can be largely credited to the latter.

And thanks to everyone else for your comments/feedback.

@Scarilian Thank you! I kinda felt the same way about not wanting to include too many colors, but some things are just not meant to be :confused: And quite technically, the Onua mask is not on the crotch, since the insect’s forelimbs are attached to part of the middle segment (if you could visualize the upper half as the midsection, that is; think of a mantis that has been straightened) rather than the nether-area of the body. But I’m no entomologist, so I wouldn’t worry about that kind of detail haha :stuck_out_tongue:

It can, in fact, stand on its own. I was just after a very specific pose that was only achievable by hanging it from a string and hoping it wouldn’t swivel about the one leg. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello children


This is like something I wanted to create my whole life ;u;

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This has a really good design, color scheme. The only thing that bothers me is the onua face on her crotch it’s just kinda look weird to me at least. Other then that I can’t think of anything else the bugs me about this moc.

Good job 10/10

This is the most perfect Moc ever. I imagine this being a boss in a Zelda game.


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I have to agree that it is monstous hellish and smooth although coherent is questionable. The colors are jumbled upin my opinion and looks very unable to stand also eyes are weird and why is there only gold armoor for the crotch area (i find that questionable)

Holy cow this MOC is really cool!


*looks for the flaw

C’mon, every MOC has a flaw! Right?

Uh… Onua Mask groin looks odd?

I was hardpressed to find even that. Excellent job!

Good job. It looks very evil. Demonic even.

awesome. this MOC is epic.
you can be very, very proud of your creation.
if i’d be that good at building, i’d be blessed :smiley:

Reminds me of the bugger queen from Ender’s Game. I seriously like how you attached two tridax-pod carriages(?) to create the abdomen.

The face- it’s genius- yet simple, and very Insecty

Not really a fan of the face,but otherwise it looks good.