Nyrac - Toa of Plasma

I now most plasma based characters are orange and white - but I don’t really care. Her peg leg is a gun by the way.
( I’ve updated this moc recently, it looks a lot better:)

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/7/e/7eb081d23005b1fdddad84766619fe78dba07192.JPG" width=“666” height=“500”>


The color scheme is a mess, the build isn’t very good either, and there are a few grammatical errors in your post by the way.

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not my best I admit, thanks for the feed back though

Very nice. I like the peg leg.

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Aside from the colors being wrong they’re also kinda ugly, the color blocking doesn’t help matters.

As for the build, not good, it’s just a metru build with awkward shoulders, exposed ccbs bones for arms, a club foot and a peg leg, really not feeling it.

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