Nyrac - Toa of radiation (V2)

I know I changed her element, not a lot of people liked the idea of her being a plasma based chacter with the coloures green, black and dark red, nor did they like the use of a metru torso or the colour placements, so I changed a few things, well really the whole moc actually.


I like the horns. Especially the fact that one is cut give it this experienced veteran look.


the funny thing is is that I didn’t cut it, I got it like that!


Very nice improvement from the previous version. My only thing I don’t really like is the shoulders…
specifically this shape in here:

(And obviously on both sides… .-.)
I think the arms should be much closer to the torso. The breadth of the shoulders contradict the very thin aesthetic going on with the rest of the build, and it would probably help characterize the MOC’s gender in the build a little more too.

Although I don’t really know if I know what I’m talking about, it’s 4 in the morning local time for me, and 3rd sleepless night in a row. :grinning:

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well that’ some of the consequences when you use a wider CCBS body frame.

Didn’t even see the frame under there, you covered it up very well then. :stuck_out_tongue: