Nyran the Earthen Villager(G2 Casual MOC)

So yeah, this is Nyran insofar as a mere villager of the earth region of Okoto.

As we have not much to go on in terms of story, a major headcanon I have atm that's semi-relevant is that only the Protectors(Village Leaders) have the fancy launchers.

But otherwise, this guy is meant to reflect and induce the visage of a standard villager as might appear in set form, akin to the 6 Protector sets. Just gotta kinda ignore the trans-purple in this case. >.>(It fits okay enough with the blue tho, IMO)

His weapons are a pike and shield. For obvious reasons, IMO.

Without the weapons. Here you can see clearly the Nyran Tradition of an asymmetrical spike apparatus. Also his feet have exo force arms to make them appear bigger. Kinda more boot-like.

I dunno whether to Back Armor him or prioritize attaching weapons back here. Obligatory Back Shot

Skeleton is super basic.

With his Boss, the Protector of Earth(with a Heartlight. I dun think it works as well as I'd wanted it to)

A blurry shot with his G1 Predecessor self.

And finally, all three together.

This MOC was partially made in response to all the Toa Self-MOCs(myself included) but especially Gen 2.

I am certain we're gonna see a lot of G2 Toa Self-MOCs. So yeah, breakin' the trends, baby.


I like it, very clean and fitting look.


I like him but if I were you I would probably just replace the upper arms and legs with the trans purple bones. It would restrict possibility but it would match with the mask and I think that trans-blue on trans-purple would look very cool.

Good use of color.

I'll consider it for the legs, but for sure not the arms.

Lateral Bicep Articulation is everything to me in arms.

If they release the good bones in that color, tho, I may just have to do that.

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You... are.... ADORABLE!


My thoughts exactly

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Makes me want to work on Arktun more stuck_out_tongue

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It's looking more and more like I'm going to have to get a Protector just for parts, scrap it, and make an Ekorak Protector build, just to appease all the people who are making Protector Self-MOCs.

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You bandwagon w0t m8?


Hey, you jumped on my and @Helryx08's bandwagon, why can't I jump on yours? =)


I have officially jumped on the bandwagon!

I also got PoE

I might make nyran protector too


I like your shoulderpad. It's the opposite side of mine.

Like the Stone and Jungle Protectors.

its because the protector of jungle has his shoulderpad on the right side

sorta like
trend of sorts

but just to give critique of your protector/villager/whatever moc,
The lower feets robot arms are kind awkward

and the not having purple on anywhere else except the mask is distracting too
maybe add some purple as a contrast?
I dunno

I do get the idea that its technically supposed to be a solid colour there
but its kinda distracting.

I would disagree. by making them black, a solid color, it allows them to blend in with the shaping and molding of the feet pieces, which IMO, emulates just a blockier or more boot-like look.

When/if the good type of bones come out in trans purple, I may take you and @StudentScissors up on the idea to add more transpurple.

oh yeah

forgot about the lateral bicep movement thing


btw, about the weapons or back armour
I suggest back armour, the weapons seem to large to be stored on the back.

The lack of Back armor was more "Oh, forgot about that" than it was "MEH. DON'T NEED IT"

But yah, I'll add that.