Nyua, toa of sonics

some days ago I took out my bionicle pieces and so I started to build some MOCs.
I have a lot of gray pieces so I built a Toa of sonics.
In my story Nyua was sent an S.O.S. message from Orde after him,Gelu,Zaria and Chiara were captured by Kabrua. Nyua started to search for them in Bota Magna with a toa of plantlife.
I wanted to focus on a custom torso so the limbs are pretty basic.


Looks nice, and great pictures!

Very nice. Assuming you haven’t done this in a while, i’d say you certainly haven’t lost your touch!

thanks,I’ve also made the toa of plantlife mentioned in the description and I will soon post it

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Simple design, but works. I like the hammer!

Really nice use of those Technic spring pieces… It adds a very distinct mechanical detail. And it’s not often that I see that part being used.