Oa, The Dimensional Gaurdian

This being is a menace to every multiverse, he even takes people out of there realms to fight just for entertainment.

With his deer horn knifes, he can lacerate any reality and anyone.

The back armor is extremely simple, the shoulder armor was a idea that was from Hero Factory Breakout

Though he may seem to be holding a ball of anti-dermis, that is the chaos orb. A artifact that is so unstable that it can shatter reality in a quarter time than it takes for light to travel from one end of our universe to the other end.

Ironically, it’s the only thing that can save his realm.

Comments, critiques, and conundrums are more than welcome.
(And yes, I know the legs are funky in their positioning.)
P.S. Ven, if you are seeing this, thank you for your advice you gave me. Really helped me!


Just saying if you want Ven to see this, do an @ then his username. For example: @Ven nice moc though.

I like the concept but the actual moc could benefit from using a complex build
On the other hand, the color scheme is very consistent without any red axles or blue pins to get in the way

Antlers, buddy.
He’s pretty simple, but not bad looking. He’s alright, my guy.

Actually, there’s such thing as deer horn knifes. They are really cool to look at.

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Oh, my mistake then.

Do you have any tips for mocing or photography? I’m trying to get better.