Oasis, Spirit of Redemption

WARNING: My stories are pretty dark. In light of this, if I consider a story to contain anything too dark, it will be spoilered. This is one such backstory.

An anomaly among the other revenants, Oasis was not sent back to avenge himself. The perpetrator of a family murder-suicide, Oasis was sent back to redeem his failure, punishment for taking the easy way out of his mistakes. The consciousness of his murdered family haunt him, bound to him by the armor he cannot remove.






Took my sweet time making this guy but it was worth it in my opinion. If it’s not obvious, he’s inspired by Anubis from Egyptian mythology.

Questions, comments, concerns and threats are welcome. Hope you enjoyed! :stuck_out_tongue:


You really nailed the Egyptian look. Even the red feet ended up working. :stuck_out_tongue: The Stargate fan in me is pleased.


Are you sure he wasn’t inspired from something more specific?

Perhaps, a frame made for war?

Nah, probably just me.

The use of the Vahki head here is brilliant. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the gold Exo-Force arms on the sides of the head, as it adds a bit too much bulk for my liking.

The tires around the waist and legs work well for replicating mummy wrappings, and I think that the lower arms would look a bit better if you added one more tire to each arm, as to cover up the axle-thin bone piece.

Overall, this MOC feels a little bit too bulky in certain areas, especially when there are parts as thin as the legs, but I still think this is a pretty cool MOC.


Nah you’re completely correct, Inaros was a huge inspiration as well. Anubis just happens to be the more direct inspiration, as he was an inspiration for Inaros to begin with.

As for the issue of odd bulk, I agree and understand but given the aesthetic I was aiming for (heavily armored upper limbs/torso, spindly lower limbs/torso), I’m not sure what I can do to fix it.

Thanks though! :3

the knees stick out a bit too much,otherwise great

+100 edge points for edgiest backstory

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They only get worse from here. :stuck_out_tongue:

(nah probably not but the point stands)



Awesome work! Love it’s look and colourscheme!

This is great stuff mate, always love your mocs.
The knees re really the most awkward part of the MOC, and He has a tad bit to many colors for me, gold, blue, dark red, dark tan, and trans yellow.
The blue probably works the best and the red the worst with it, the tan is nice but the MOC could go without it and just have black.
Oh and the head is brilliance in simplicity, specially love the gold bits looking like some kind of Egyptian style crown.

Oh and 10/10 for the edge.


Thanks mate!
I knew there would be some controversy, if you will, over the color scheme, but it’s something I’m quite fond of. The contrast between the blue and dark red is both striking and evocative of the Egyptian theme. However I do understand not liking it.

And yes, my stories have maximum edge :stuck_out_tongue:

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The crotch is top tier…,

I’m liking the Egyptian style and design. He looks like he would have trouble posing, thanks to that armour.


Much thanks friend. Spent a lot of time making sure it didn’t look as atrocious as the original WIP did :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank ye.

I’d like to say something like “surprisingly not” here, but no you’re correct. He sacrifices almost all upward mobility for his arms (albeit gains a lot of forward to back) and a lot of his hip articulation. However, most of his other joints have full degrees of motion.

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The head looks stellar, and i really like the dark red and light blue accents, gives it a very unique look that i think it pulls off very well

The story is super edgy, but I really like the MOC itself. Especially the use of the shoulderplate as chest armor. I’d fix the knees up a bit, though. Those look a bit odd.

Looks cool! :smiley:

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Looks neat, especially the head.

I really like the head

Definitely get Inaros vibes from this. Absolutely flawless. Everything flows so well. GG as always, Ek

Much thanks my friends :3


You weren’t kidding about it being dark :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the Egyptian look, and especially how you integrated his eyes with the ‘ears’; the final result is overall really pleasing. I do think he could use a bit of extra bulk around the waist, but otherwise, this is top-notch. :slight_smile:

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