Obligatory Matoran build

We've all done it at some point, remade Matoran, I no different, since the Mc'toran I've been making the little background characters that make the world go round... I blame MNOG for making them so fun...

Any way so far I only have a Ga-Matoran the others look like something Karzahni would make

Also this is Mire, my oldest character who i've been making since I pulled her mask from a blind bag

This little Angler also sports a functioning fishing rod


In some ways, this is essentially a Metru-Toran revamp.


Oh yea I suppose it is, just without the poseability hindering chestplate

Personally I like it. How well do the arms hold up? Are they loose?

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Looks cool and I look the colour scheme, though the chest seems out of place.

I Personally find this quite groovy. But those arm connection look loose?

not at all, there's quite a bit of friction there, probably due to using blue pins and how everything is sandwiched together.


I see... /s

Well then groovy little Matoran build you have here. I do find the chest to be slightly weird, but not that weird.

I love the design. That's it. I just love the design. :smile:

Really nice desisn, love the torso build.

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Nifty Matoran build.

Nice MOC! The use of the borok eyes on the chest/torso is a nice touch, but since there is not any other trans-light blue on the MOC, I have a bit of a problem with that. :\
But besides that, great MOC!

yes they were kind of a place holder till 2016 Tahu showed up with the solid blue ones... he was 3 months late here.

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Nice torso build. Definitely captures the look of the original matoran torso.