Obsis: the "police" drone

Let me start this off by saying that this will not be very story heavy, as I am preoccupied, but still want to put this up.

The Obsis, once a race that lived in harmony with the other creatures on Insula Magna until a scientist in the far eastern coast discovered a way to weaponize them and turn them into the police force for his king.

This transformation left only their organic brains intact, and had most of their free will taken away, left with just enough to be able to be able to evade capture. This made them very dangerous, and they would carry out any order down to the last detail, with no sense of morality, just orders.

Their enslavement came to an end however when a paranoid king came into power, and irrationally feared that the Obsis would revolt. He ordered a mass shut down of the units, and sent out his military to execute them.

However, sensing the danger, the Obsis banded together with resistance groups, and fought in a massive war against the kingdom which would later be known as The Seditus Wars, and ultimately all but a few Obsis units were killed, and the remnants are now used by resistance groups in the front lines.

Build View:

Despite this being a slight tablescrap, I feel It accomplishes the look I was going for very well and the legs for the most part support the model.

As usual, please leave comments and criticism and I’ll respond when I can.


He doesn’t feel like a police drone too much, but nevertheless a great MOC. I love the leg design.


This is a good MOC, although it doesn’t seem like much of a police drone.
Regardless, this is a pretty good MOC. The head design is one of the most unique I’ve seen in a while. The same can be said for the MOC entirely.


N33ds duplo /s
Looks really nice but how do the legs even support it


Spindly, but pretty cool. I like it.

@BBricks @Toa_Distraxx

Yeah, I can see where you are coming from in that,as it doesn’t use traditional “policey” colors. I have two possible reasons for this, one being that it was designed to reflect the original colors of the Obsis, or that red is a traditional color of the kingdom in which they serve. But really, I don’t really know.


It works.

Bionicle Police =/= Real Life Police. If that were the case, then every guard force and Vahki bot would be sporting a similar color scheme as well.
As for the MoC itself, this is actually pretty cool. Aside from the lack of articulation at the knees and ankles (these are effectively still digitigrade legs, after all), which is perfectly understandable in this case, I’m not seeing anything else that could potentially act as a con. Great job!

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The CCBS shell on the back of his left arm looks a tad strange, but it’s better than an exposed ball joint. Other than that there’s nothing overtly wrong with this MOC, as I do find the design pretty unique.

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Thank you!

I kind of messed up in the pictures, and I didn’t move the ccbs shell to be closer to the upper arm, so there is that.

I really like the spindly digitigrade legs along with the posture of the whole thing.

The torso and arms are a bit messy, but overall it’s a pretty cool and unique MOC.

The only other thing I would suggest changing is bringing the legs a little closer in to the body. By that I mean making the axle used for this hips to attach the legs a little bit shorter.

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