Oc 'n' Vuhii, Community "MOCs", pt. 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

I’m hoping the link works. If not, then it shall be fixed.

(Created Circa October)
NotVuhii- he’s basic, and he has a consistent color scheme. That elemental glaive isn’t the best, but I don’t give a crap. Fairly basic, and consistent at that. 2/10
Vuhii: Bulkiness to resemble any militant from those games he plays, Vuhii looks fairly accurate. Rifle is terribly designed, however. 3/10
Combo: It’s a… Man-Scorpion-Thing (waiting in the bushes for us)? Ugly, badly designed, 4/200000000000000000000000000.

Next week, expect Nyran and Beef!
(Created Circa November)

(Vitriolic critique is expected)


some more pictures would be nice, can’t really see them too well.


Click on the picture, there’s a link to an imgur album.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any more pics. These were taken apart after creating the combo, although I can attempt remaking them in better lighting.

Thanks, Takua! Say, could you provide critique?

Wait, something’s not right…
Why are there two MoCs?
I thought Oc and Vuhii were the same person.


Well, they’re clone sets. XP


Ey, these are pretty swell bro. I’d say use masks that fit their color schemes, but the shwey is too strong. Great job!

You should upload that skit. It’s funny.

Pretty cool!

So have you re-programmed them to sell your Shirts Hats?

I don’t get what you imply here.

I saw the “Electric Boogaloo” part and thought it was related to the TF2 update.