Oceum (The tainted Aeonyx)

So I had this torso for awhile, and after many different attempts to give it limbs and a head, I ended up with this:



The tainted Aeonyx.

One of her arms has mutated to be monstrous and lanky.

The other has been reshaped into a trident.

From behind.

So the arms and head may seem a bit slap dash, and that’s cause they are, I really like the torso and legs and just wanted to release them publicly. I had tried many different limbs and none seemed to work, so I went with this “tainted” look. Lazy? Yes. Does it look bad? I don’t think so, though I do want to come up with better in the future.


this looks really cool! I love the shape
cant say the same for the colorscheme, I dont really like how the sand brown looks with the gold, but other than that this looks really cool


The build looks great, but the moc has more than 3 colors, which makes it look kinda off. You should probably take the gold and metru blue off and add more sand brown and black. good build, wierd colorscheme, but other than that I do love that sweet body design!

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The shaping on this is quite unique, almost elegant looking.

Minus the giant claw of death and trident, of course.

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Well done! I like the choice of colors here with the metru blue, gold, and tan standing out most.

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